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Chemistry lab game-play video

Demonstration video about how to play an ENVISAGE chemistry lab game. Learn everything there is about molecules. From naming a molecule’s formula to building its structure.

A video that demonstrates the use of an ...

Demonstration video about how to take control of a wind farm to power a small town with energy in a 3D environment. Understand how random changes in wind speed and power requirements, affect the use of natural energy resources.… Online virtual labs, i.e. virtual spaces emulating real laboratories where students can accomplish a number […]

Learning in a fun way: the new education...

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Image retrieved from Teachers can use Quizdom, the popular quiz app in Greece, to organize personalized quizzes as exams simulation in the subjects they are teaching. Teachers can get personalized stats to monitor progress per student and overview of the simulation of the exams.  

Why storytelling is important in educati...

Interesting read: Why storytelling is important in education and how will help you in the classroom #ENVISAGE_EU #Labster #learning

How AI is Affecting Modern Education — W

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Interesting read: AI and data analytics can augment teaching by supporting student assessment and giving feedback to the teacher. #learning #analytics #AI #ENVISAGE_EU #h2020

ENVISAGE to early become part of the RAG...

ENVISAGE to early become part of the RAGE project eco-system

An important step towards the dissemination of ENVISAGE to potential end-users in education and groups of interest has been made by agreeing to contribute our authoring tool to the platform provided by the RAGE project ( More specifically, we have agreed to become and early adopter of the RAGE platform and make the virtual labs […]