Visit ENVISAGE’s booth during the ICT 2018 Event in Vienna to author and play 3D virtual labs!

ENVISAGE topic is e-Learning with virtual labs, where data analytics enhance the educational procedure. The objective is to apply Game Analytics to virtual labs, so as to facilitate decision-making in the educational procedure at the design level of a lab and the content adaption. For this, we develop data analytics methodologies applied to virtual labs.

An important milestone has been reached, the product of ENVISAGE, which is an authoring tool for the creation of virtual labs (for the specific cases of Wind Energy and Chemistry) and their integration with analytics. Another milestone is the evaluation of the tool, which has shown that teachers are open to incorporate it to their class.

The ultimate goal of ENVISAGE is to encourage the use of the tool by teachers so as to adopt the use of analytics in the cycle of creation and redesign of virtual labs. Thus, a major next step is the dissemination of the project outcomes to other schools and educational organization in general.

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Visit us in the area of Hall X4 (Transforming Industry & Economy) at the Stand T14!