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Visit ENVISAGE’s booth @ICT2018 in Vienn

Visit ENVISAGE’s booth during the ICT 2018 Event in Vienna to author and play 3D virtual labs! ENVISAGE topic is e-Learning with virtual labs, where data analytics enhance the educational procedure. The objective is to apply Game Analytics to virtual labs, so as to facilitate decision-making in the educational procedure at the design level of […]

Will VR change education for the better?

With a total estimated revenue of $700 million in VR for education by 2025, you’d think that the answer to the question above would be unanimous. Virtual reality is predicted to create a substantial paradigm shift in education, but truth be told, there is currently little evidence of its educational value. Like with all new […]

ENVISAGE meets Labster

In our plenary meeting in Copenhagen, we had the opportunity to meet LABSTER. LABSTER offers Laboratory Simulations for Educators to Empower their STEM Students and has recently raised $10m to bring virtual lab simulations to students around the world. More specifically, we had the honour to host Jan Stahlberg (Head of Strategy Partnerships) and Philip […]

Labster raises $10m in series A funding ...

Labster ApS, the award-winning producer of virtual laboratory simulations, has raised $10million in Series A funding from Balderton Capital, Europe’s largest early stage venture capital investor. Northzone and Unity Technologies-founder David Helgason are also investing in the round, which will allow the education tech company to continue its rapid expansion in the US, Europe and […]

Churn Prediction Competition @ CIG 2017

Fighting churn in virtual labs and digital learning environments is among the top priorities when optimizing learn success. Predicting churn early and taking proactive measurements to prevent it can improve learn success drastically. Often, churn depends on the individual perception of the difficulty level of a learner and hence, adjusting difficulty dynamically is one proactive […]


Businesses have long struggled with ensuring their employees are appropriately trained. Traditionally, such training is a mixture of on the job training, bulky manuals, and videos. By taking a page out of the modern educator’s handbook, corporations can streamline training by incorporating online learning management systems (LMSs) into their formal training structure. LMSs allow employers […]

Wind Energy Lab in 3D

The first outcome of Envisage is already out with a complete 3D representation of the Wind Energy Lab that is used by the students of EllinoGermaniki Agogi to understand the basic principles of renewable wind energy. Impressive effects, pleasant game-play and educational experience. Check it out!