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ENVISAGE results in ICL2018 conference

The results of ENVISAGE project were presented in 21th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning in two papers (see publications section: ). The participants have shown interest towards the authoring tool and the generated virtual labs.  Significant connections were established for further exploiting the results.

Machine Learning Meets Health Care

On July 25th, organized the second #CAIML Meetup in Cologne with more than 60 attendees. The goal is to connect the local AI and machine learning community and to also foster the exchange of knowledge in this area. The audience was a mixture of students (~25%), data scientist (~25%) and ~50% from different industries. took the chance to present the ENVISAGE project with […]

Content Adaptation: A quick How To

With the help of dynamic difficulty adjustment (DDA), teachers are now able to adapt content for students and test different learning strategies in the chemistry lab. The DDA technology has its roots in the gaming industry and is also used by for customers from the gaming industry. Now, this technology is also integrated into the ENVISAGE authoring tool. In this video, […]

ENVISAGE in AWS Summit in Berlin

We have been to the AWS Summit in Berlin and had the chance to give a talk and had a booth there, we promoted the ENVISAGE project. exhibited at the AWS Summit in Berlin on June 6th/7th 2018. The results from the at-risk student prediction from the ENVISAGE project were presented in a talk in front […]

ENVISAGE Workshop in the 17th Panhelleni...

Envisage participated in 17th Panhellenic Conference of Greek Union of Physicists, with the two hours Workshop: “Design your own Virtual Laboratory”. The event took place in Thessaloniki (Greece), on Saturday 17th of March 2018. More than 20 teachers of secondary and higher education had the opportunity to play and test the games of Chemistry Lab […]

Chemistry and WindEnergy labs templates

ENVISAGE develops two templates of games that allows teachers to make their own Chemistry lab through Chemistry template, and their own Wind Energy Lab-Park through WindEnergy Template. Features and specifications will be announced soon.

Envisage Workshop in the context of eCri...

Envisage had the opportunity to organize a workshop in the context of eCrisis Training Week. More than 10 educators were engaged in a workshop of one hour, where they had the opportunity to play the games of WindEnergyLab and ChemistryLab and evaluate them both from a technical, as well as an educational perspective. In addition, […] visiting LEARNTEC 2018, one of...

LEARNTEC provides a great overview of state-of-the-art technologies in learning and inspires us to think about the future of education. There are three trends that we would like to share: 1) Learning use cases for virtual reality, 2) the fast evolving applications of adaptive learning, 3) last but not least the high concentration of frameworks for quiz apps. All […]

Introducing Chemistry Update for Minecra...

Bring chemistry into Minecraft with a new update for Minecraft: Education Edition. With input from chemistry teachers, students and Minecraft Global Mentors, the Chemistry Update offers educators and learners a fun, accessible way to explore chemistry within the immersive world of Minecraft. Make pigs fly with helium balloons, create underwater TNT or see what elements […]

Play-Create-Learn Summer Academy 2018: E...

Are you an educator interested in enriching your teaching practices with play, games, and creativity? The Play-Create-Learn Summer Academy 2018 is designed to be the right professional development experience for you. In a flexible, modular set of highly engaging interactive sessions, we want to inspire you to experiment with, and reflect on, aspects and uses […]